3 Reasons how a blog can benefit you

1. Drive traffic to your website
This might be the most obvious reason, however, many people seem to overlook this.  Adding new content to your blog increases the amount of “fresh” content on your website, which can place it higher than other websites on search engines.  This minimal add is an easy and affordable way to boost traffic to your website.
2. Boost your social media
Having extra content to share gives you the opportunity to share it on your social media platforms; and if you don’t have that, it’s a great time to start.   Adding content that is valuable to your demographic gives you a higher chance of gaining social shares, which leads to new clients.
3. Showcase your skills 
Writing content about what you know and your experiences helps to showcase your talents to the world.  Writing about topics you know helps reassure your clients that you are an expert in the field. Another perk is it might tell people about a skill set they didn’t know you had.
Regardless of your industry and where you are, having a blog can be a very beneficial tool for your company. With minimal effort and consistency, you will notice over time the positive effects a blog can have on your business.