3 Top Reasons to Hire a Boutique Versus Large Agency

One of the biggest decisions a company must make is the type of agency to hire. There are many factors which contribute to this including location, specialties and past work with other brands.
One of the biggest factors is size. Many people believe that larger agencies are better, however this is not necessarily true. Larger agencies work with more clients and are pulled in many different directions, where, boutique agencies focus their full attention on YOU! Below are a few of the reasons why hiring a smaller agency will be better for you and your company.
1. Access to Specialized Tools
When you decide to work with a boutique over a large agency, you will find that the smaller agency is specialized in specific areas, as compared to larger agencies. Smaller agencies are able to focus more on countless areas- two of them being email marketing and social media. Specialization allows smaller agencies to perfect different divisions of marketing, leading to a happier YOU.
2. Lower Prices
Large companies nickel and dime you just because they claim they have more knowledge and experience than the boutique agency around the corner from you. Small creative agencies have just as much knowledge, if not more. With this being said, they will work with you and your budget to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the final outcome.
3. Faster Results and Flexibility
The larger the agency, the longer the approval process, which translates to longer waiting times for you. If you want to expedite your advertisements, then hiring a boutique agency is exactly what you need for your company. Smaller agencies have the ability to adapt to your needs while also completing your projects with the utmost of speed, meeting any reasonable timeline, proving that they always put you first.
As mentioned above, it has been proven that smaller creative agencies are easier and more reliable to work with. By working with one today, you can help your company to grow and reach new heights, while also forming an everlasting relationship with a company that puts YOU first.