MIFA Media’s Year End Tips For Small Businesses

Believe it or not, we’re just about at the end of the year. And you need to make sure your brand design is looking fine for Auld Lang Syne.

Yikes – that was groan-worthy! I regret nothing.

Anyway, now’s the time to get your brand in order, get some holiday sales going, and ring in the New Year with some new business. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

  1. Create a design and marketing budget and start setting aside money now. Like right now. Design and marketing is important for small businesses to grow, but it can also get expensive fast. If you start saving now (and keep saving) you’ll set yourself up for the future. Channel your inner Scrooge McDuck.
  2. Keep an eye on your competition. You should be doing this already, but it’s especially important as the year draws to a close. What trends seem popular? Should you lean into them? Forge your own path? You need to know what’s happening in order to decide.
  3. Where are you?! An online presence is important, but it’s useless if people can’t find it. Be sure to include a link in your IG Bio so potential clients can connect with you. Alternatively, you can create your own for your personally hosted website. It’s a great way to track who’s visiting your site. Not in a creepy way. Don’t make it weird.
  4. Plan for promotions now so you’re ready to go in the New Year. Be prepared! Timing is everything. Obtaining new business might come down to just getting there first.
  5. Where are you?! Part 2: Make sure you have your information ready to go for prospective clients. Physical business cards are fantastic, but Digital Business Cards are also super handy. Not only does it simplify things by letting you text or email your business card, it also decreases the chance of the client misplacing your information.

And that’s all I’ve got! You don’t even have to do all of these. Even if you only manage to do a couple, you’ll be ahead of the game.